In 2005, we expanded our customer base to include for-profit developers and properties other than those expropriated through the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA). In addition, we expanded our geographic market to serve all parishes in southern Louisiana encompassing the Go-Zone. Effective as of November 2008, we modified our product and client base to more efficiently and effectively serve this geography by including commercial and business financing and technical assistance along with a traditional affordable housing focus. This change allows us to fully encompass our vision of providing financing and technical assistance in all matters relating to the redevelopment of the parishes within its target market.

In providing financing for redevelopment transactions and neighborhood revitalization, CD Capital acts as an intermediary or conduit, pooling bank, government investments and philanthropic funds and lending these resources in a prudent and strategic manner. Underwriting standards and effective asset management are vitally important to us as these key functions ensure that our scarce resources are likely to be repaid and available for continued redeployment. In addition, the effective and efficient use of these funds allow us to reflect a track record of successful community revitalization attracting continued investment and increasing investment in the CDFI as a whole.