CD Capital makes four types of loans: Acquisition, construction lines of credit, pre-development loans and microlending.  We make loans that support projects involving the redevelopment of distressed, abandoned and blighted properties and vacant land.  About half of our loans support projects with 20 or more units with many of the larger projects involving the Low Income Housing Tax Credit.  While nonprofits, for profits and quasi public community development organizations are eligible to borrow, all approved projects are targeted to low to moderate income home buyers or renters.

CD Capital responds to the needs of borrowers by offering personalized, ongoing assistance at varying stages of a business’ growth and development. In many cases this includes providing pre-loan assistance in the early stages, and trouble-shooting with ongoing support throughout the life of the loan.

Our technical assistance services are the hallmark of our stance on intentional lending because demonstrates how we serve businesses in ways that conventional lenders do not. Because of the support provided within our intensive packages, we’re able to extend credit to start-up entrepreneurs with little or no formal business experience.
How we compare?

  • Generally, borrowers have to pay fees and interest out of pocket, though in some cases interest payments are capitalized.
  • There is a 1% closing fee charged on all loans.
  • The loans typically do not amortize, but monthly or quarterly interest payments are required.